Patch Notes

Month of May

Patch Notes Alpha 0.21

Added recurrent tutorial NPC.
Added 8-bit music.
Added dungeon zone.
Changed resolution.
Added full screen support.

Month of April

Patch Notes Alpha 0.10-20 
New stuff:

+ Crafting added
+ New story branch

Bug fix:

+ Fixed some major event scripting bugs
New stuff:
+ New story branch in the planning

Bug fix:
+ Fixed some major event scripting bugs

New stuff:
+ Set up Durans gun type in database.
+ Gave main actor a gun when attacking, and it's now missile based.
+ Added new event branch in the second interior.


+ Fixed graphical bugs.
+ Duran no longer gets Gurgs Quick Finger skill.
+ Copy and pasted one event. The two events were too different from eachother.
+ Fixed weather effect bug

New stuff:
+ End of prologue.
+ New icons.

New stuff:
+ Updated the Battle System
+ Added more lightning system effects to tiles
+ Changed Static Rat Enemy to Animated Sideview Enemy Battler.
+ Changed more static enemies to sideview battlers.
+ Scripted a battle event for a key item.

Bug fix:
+ Changed name syntax for items
+ Changed floor exit tile in the player start area
+ Fixed graphical bugs
+ Rats no longer escape the second turn. Instead they spit out poison.

Coming soon:
+ Crafting Table feature..

New stuff:
+ Changed main hero sprite
+ Updated the Battle System
+ Completely redid the main hero's sprite.
+ Added new story branch.
+ Weather effects.
+ New story branch in the planning.
+ Updated the Battle System.
+ Added new background music for every map.
+ New story branch.

Bug fix:
+ Full Screen integration with light source.
+ Fixed one game breaking bug.
+ Fixed two game breaking bugs.
+ More graphical bugs fixed.
+ Event bugs fixed.
+ Fixed the Quick Finger skill from Weapon Skill to Character Level.
+ Fixed a few graphical bugs.
+ One event correctly aligned.
+ Rats HP has doubled and give experience.
+ Fixed weather effects.
+ Squashed a few game breaking bugs.
+ Decreased drop rate of bandages on rats.


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May 21, 2017

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